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RE: [IP] terrified of lows

Hi Kathy,

>Did you have all these low problems when you were in MDI?  Or is it >just 
>on the pump?  I've never heard of anyone having such severe lows >on the 

They did happen on MDI, but it was predictable.  I knew that between 1 and 3 
am, my sugar would drop.  Since being on the pump, I've lost that 
predictability.  I have lows at weird times, for no apparent reason.

>If you want to stay on the pump, I can only offer two suggestions.

Actually, I don't.

>1.	Get hooked to CGMS
>2.	Get admitted to hospital and let endo get you straightened out there.

He hasn't been able to figure it out.  I talked to him when I was in the 
hospital and he made some changes to one of my basal rates.  Three days 
later he changed it back to what it was originally, because it was having 
absolutely no effect.

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