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Subject: Re: [IP] Insulin Storage Device


Just doing a quick survey. If a device was available to store insulin, and
keep in cool until use.

 1. What would you want it to look like?

 2. How many bottles would you want it to hold?

 3. What else would you store in it?

 4. Where would you keep it?

I already have what I need and can STRONGLY (in fact I already have, in this
forum) recommend it to anyone who needs to keep insulin cool while
travelling for long periods of time/hot climates.  I used the FRIO cooler
(www.friouk.com) in my recent round-the-world year long trip.  The cooler
was cheap, reliable(!), small, and is activated by soaking it in plain cold
water.  It is re-useable, environmentally sound, non-toxic, discreetly
sized, doesn't set off alarms in airports/security gates, and provides
protective "padding" for the vials. You can buy whatever size you need:  the
extra large held 14 - 10ml bottles of insulin and the small one held 4 (much
more than advertised). There is also a "medication pen" sized frio.

I have a friend whose daughter has a peanut allergy (anaphylactic shock) and
must carry adrenaline.  When said daughter went on her honeymoon, my friend
bought her a frio to carry her adrenaline pen in.   I cannot endorse this
product enough. It was one of the few things I've ever purchased that
performed as advertised and made my "developing country" travels worry
free - well, as far as insulin spoilage goes :)

 I cannot endorse this product enough.
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