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[IP] diabetes in relatives

hello all,
well, in sheer irony, i can't believe what happend sunday. in my last
"vent" i mentioned my mother tried to feed me celery to treat a low, and
how she just doesn't "get it". well, i never wanted her to "get it" like
this, but she was up visiting this weekend and she tested 202 and 207 on
my meter. now i'm trying to get her to go to the doctor for a diagnosis,
but she's too scared and i'm 5 hours away-she's in richmond va and i'm in
new jersey. know i'm not the only one to be
in this situation- i'm looking for ways you all may have handeled this.
i can't believe this stupid disease picked my mom too- i don't want anyone
else to ever get this, and knowing the road she's about to walk down is
very scarry for me but i'm trying not to show her that...
her attitude is since she's not as "bad off" as i am, why does she need to
go? (no, don't try to find the logic in that- there is none). i think my
experience has scarred her too much. has this ever happened to any of you?
what do you? how do you make them go to the doc without scarring them
thanks for listening....
leann marcucci
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