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Re: [IP] caffeine, morning coffee, and BG

coffee, regular, 6oz (178g), has 6 calories, 0.18g protein, 0.71g carbohydrate, and 0g
> fiber. These are average amounts so some coffees may
> have more or less of these things. I'm sure the
> caffeine affects blood sugar for some people as well.
> Good info Kerri - actually this has been a recent topic in the ToYourDoor Diabetes chatroom - I believe there is a study that talked about caffine raising BG's - but again - some people are affected worse than others. 

While I am NOT giving up caffine I am trying to cut back a bit - I still have my cup at home - but I am foregoing the 2nd (3rd, 4th....) once I get to work. I still am having a cup of regular green tea in the morning. Then afternoon strictly decaf or herbal tea - we'll see if that helps my mid-morning Bg's which have been running high.

Linda  & Dax
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