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[IP] lows

I have gone as low as 10 and been able to walk around and treat myself but 
agree with all that other have written- Your lows are different at different 
times and the numbers don't always reflect how you feel.  I find that I can 
treat lows on the pump much easier than I did on MDI.  Unfortunately, I got 
into a car accident once and fell down in a super market once due to low on 
MDI and they came on so fast that I did not even feel them coming.  I guess I 
test more often now and try to be more aware.
I also find that I am nicer now on the pump than I was on MDI.  I used to 
deny any thing was wrong with me before and fight any kind of help.  Now I 
just say, let me test first and then we will treat if I need it.  I always 
carry glucose tabs around in the bag that I carry my meter and always have 
juice and tabs in my car.  Does anybody know how low they make you when they 
did insulin shock therapy??
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