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Re: [IP] converting shots to pump

>I was wondering if anyone remembered what their dosage was before they 
>switched over to the pump. Also, did anyone take different doses of NPH 
>(or similar long-acting insulin) at breakfast and dinner? Did you start on 
>a constant basal rate? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Emily

I took about 40 units of NPH and Regular per day before pumping.  A 
combination of NPH and Regular at breakfast, Regular with dinner and NPH at 
bedtime.  I took about 22 units of NPH at breakfast and only 6-8 units at 
bedtime.  When I first started the pump, I was put on one basal, .7.  That 
was just a starting point.  It didn't take more than a couple days to 
realize where I needed to adjust.  I'm currently using basals that range 
from .3 to .5.   The .7 was figured from a formula they use based on your 
insulin dosage on shots and body weight.  As you can see, they were very 
off on mine, which could explain why I had such erratic bgs on shots.  I 
also lost 25 pounds the first year of pumping.  One thing that helped me on 
setting my basal rates was fasting per the instructions in the book, 
Pumping Insulin by Walsh & Roberts.  YMMV.

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