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Re: [IP] terrified of lows

Hi Ann,

Just wanted to respond to your suggestions.

>1) Since you're nervous about sleeping, it might make sense to do some 
> >night time basal testing.  You can't NOT sleep and, if your basals are 
> >right, you ought to be able to go to sleep without fear.

Basals are never right, they change on a daily basis.  I never get the same 
results twice, no matter what I do.  When I fast my bg goes up, when I sleep 
my bg plummets.  I honestly don't know of any way to accurately test this.

>2)  At work, I let all my colleagues (whether they supervise
>me or I supervise them) know about my diabetes and what to do when my
>blood sugar is low

Well, my co-workers know because they've asked me, but that doesn't mean 
they're going to do it.  I've been close to passing out at my desk, and no 
one even noticed.

The same thing has even happened at home with my parents and at my bf's 
house.  Jim never realized there was anything wrong until I passed out o the 
couch and wasn't talking.  My parents thought I had fallen asleep in the 
chair while watching a movie until I started to have a seizure.

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