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RE: [IP] terrified of lows

Thanks, the term *pen* confused me as what I have (and you describe) is a 
kit.......btw, they do expire........

Ahh.. I see.  AFAIK glucogon is unstable in solution, so you couldn't really
put it in something like a novolin pen, all ready to go.  Wouldn't that be
nice, something like an epi-pen?

Just thinking out loud (hoping a manufacturer is reading)... wouldn't it be
possible to create something like the epi-pen?  Seems possible that you
could put an easily broken dry storage vial of glucogon in the dissolving
solution, have the patient break it to mix the two, and pump it out under
pressure.  Maybe there is a way to stabilize glucogon in solution.  I guess
the sales volume isn't there to support any big research projects.  :(

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