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RE: [IP] switching from shots to pump and conversion of dosage

Ah, but this is another, YMMV thing.  I started with three rates based on
the shots of NPH and Humalog I was taking and also had to tweak them.  I had
been taking twice as much NPH in the morning as I did at night.  But in the
first few weeks you will be doing intensive basal testing, including
nighttime so you will be more likely to catch the highs and lows from
incorrect basal settings.  The point is to start with a baseline to move
from.  :)

As for TOM issues, I always run higher two days before and then hit the
floor during the week.   My needs go up by 30% for those two days before,
and then drop to almost 40% less then my usual rates for the week of.  YMMV.

-- Sherry

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I started in Dec 01.  My pump trainer took my MDI dosages,reduced the total
1/3.  Then  divided the dose  in half.  One half for my basal rate(divided
24---for 24 hours in a day).  Then the other half made up my boluses(divided
by 3 for 3 meals).  I started on MDI at 57 units a day.  Now I use 32+/- on
given day.  The flat rate basal lasted for awhile. Then we started tweaking
as things changes.  NOTE:  PMS week will send you into orbit,so get ready.
use 32 units daily for 3 weeks, then when I hit PMS week my doses increase
astronomically.  Right now I am up to 42-45 from 32.  And I am not getting
good control(always 200+ and as high as 450).  Hysterectomy in May for other
reasons, but I won't be sorry to stop this rollercoaster.  Hope this helps.
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