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RE: [IP] (no subject)

I had the test done and I flunked.  Mine comes and goes depending on my BGs
and my meal contents.  I seem to have the most problem during the night
(which creates like a double dawn effect) especially if the meal contains
high fats.  But I can usually recognize the symptoms (feeling full after
only eating a bite, distended abdomen, etc.) if they continue for more than
a day.  I usually put myself on a liquid diet (like slim fast) for a few
days and watch my BGs extra closely (like every hour).  [I read in the
Diabetes Management mag a few years ago the liquid will digest easier than
solids if you have gastroparesis and it seems to work.]  The doctor had
originally put me on propulsid (which I loved) but now I have a prescription
for reglan (which I don't like).  I declined to take any meds, but then I
haven't had the vomiting or the hospital stays that others I know have had.
BTW, my diabetes doctor told me to talk to a gastro guy, my gastro doctor
had no clue, but my GP is the one that finally tested me and diagnosed me!!!
Go figure!!

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