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RE: [IP] terrified of lows

> Why are people terrified of lows in public places?  I would think by now
> that every diabetic should ALWAYS have glucose tablets with them as well as
> small snacks.
> I have had to purchase a larger bag (more like a tote bag) to carry all my
> stuff I carry with me.

I'm guilty of NOT carrying sugar with me at all times. I'm a total
minimalist. The only thing I really carry with me at all times are my
wallet and my meter, that's IT. I just can't bring myself to carry all
sorts of 'extras' with me. I'm not in denial, I just hate the extra
baggage :)

I do stash stuff in places though. In my car I have honey-stix and a fex
extra sets, I keep some extras in my laptop bag, and everyone I work with
knows I'm D.

I don't usually panic, I'm not the panicky type. Actually, when I was
younger, I got a kick out of being low. The adreneline rush alone was
worth it for me :> My girlfriend tells me being low is much like being
high.... :)

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