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RE: [IP] terrified of lows

Why are people terrified of lows in public places?  I would think by now
that every diabetic should ALWAYS have glucose tablets with them as well as
small snacks.

I have had to purchase a larger bag (more like a tote bag) to carry all my
stuff I carry with me.  I always have my cell phone, glucose monitor, log
book and calculator.  In addition, I carry glucose tablets, mini boxes of
raisins (when you know you're starting to go low and need a quick respite),
cheese and cracker snacks, granola bars, peanuts and hard candies.

I know that there are times when a low just creeps up on you and you don't
even know it until you test, but seriously, being diabetic for any length of
time and experiencing lows should teach us all to always carry something
with us to help treat a low FAST!

I remember when I was a teenager working in a supermarket and walking away
from the cash register right down to the candy aisle, taking a bar of
chocolate and wolfing it down.  No one questioned me and when I was coming
back to it, I just paid for it.  I have done this several times when in a
store and had nothing on me. Just picked up a candy bar or something, ate it
and presented the empty wrapper at the check out counter and paid for it.
No one questions me at all or if they do and I tell them I'm diabetic, they
always seem to know someone who has diabetes and are familiar with it.

Kathy B.
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