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[IP] Re: switching from shots to pump and conversion of dosage

<<I'm scheduled to switch to the pump this Friday.  When I was at my
endo's office this week, we discussed my basal rate and what we would
originally set it at.  He suggested a constant rate.  I'm not sure about
this as I take 24.5u of NPH in the morning and 16u at night. >> 

     I think your endo is right, and it is best to start with a constant 
rate, then make your adjustments as you determine your basal and bolus needs. 
 I've read about kids who were started with 5 or 6 different basal rates and 
the parents couldn't figure anything out from that.  Totally confusing.  
Where do you start to make changes from in a situation like that??
     My daughter took 16 units of NPH in the morning and only 3 units of NPH 
in the evening before pumping.  The calculations from Pumping Insulin book 
indicated that her basal needs would be about .375 per hour.  The nurse 
wanted to start her basal at .3 around the clock, to be on the cautious side. 
This was a very close approximation to her needs.  After 6 months of pumping 
and school starting in September, I determined that her basal need is 
slightly higher in the morning (7-11) .5/hour, but is still .4/hour for the 
rest of the time.  This is up slightly from the summer time, when the 24 hour 
average was about .36 hour.
     Understand how to test your basals and read that section in the Pumping 
Insulin book for guidance.  
Best of luck,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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