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Re: [IP] converting shots to pump

Gabe took 12 units of Ultralente at 7 a.m. and 12.25 at 7p.m.  They 
originally started his basals at 50% of the Ultralente with two rates; .5 all 
day except 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. which they set at .4.   

The rate was too low and contributed to the massive confusion we experienced 
when starting the pump.  The pump would appear to work beautifully during 
certian hours when the basal was close to correct and then seem to 
malfunction later, which I attributed to a bad site over and over.

Finally I decided to raise the basal to 70% of his Ultralente dose, still 
lowering it at certain times of the day when I know he needs less (for Gabe 
that is 10 a.m. til about 4 p.m.).  Since then he has been doing 
fantastic....I know some of the basals are still too high and some a little 
low.  On Thursday he will try the CGMS to get a better picture of the basals.

Good luck.

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