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[IP] converting shots to pump

Subject: [IP] switching from shots to pump and conversion of dosage

I'm scheduled to switch to the pump this Friday.  When I was at my
endo's office this week, we discussed my basal rate and what we would
originally set it at.  He suggested a constant rate.  I'm not sure about
this as I take 24.5u of NPH in the morning and 16u at night.  My total
dose is currently running at 45 units/day.  It would seem to me that I
would need to start with a higher rate in the morning and lower it at
night, but I know things are very different with the pump and dosing.

I was wondering if anyone remembered what their dosage was before they
switched over to the pump.  Also, did anyone take different doses of NPH
(or similar long-acting insulin) at breakfast and dinner?  Did you start
on a constant basal rate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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there is no such thing as a constant demand for insulin. Insulin
requirements fluctuate and to have one rate for an entire day seems out of
touch with reality. that is why hte pump gives you so many basal rates. This
is really a ymmv situation. The pump is more efficient at delivering insulin
than shots.  you may find that once you establish a basal rate that it will
need revision in several months.
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