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[IP] Re: [IPp] Humalog to Novolog in baby

<<From: Ahimanikya Satapathy <email @ redacted>
My 23 days old baby girl is using diluted Humalog in Minimed 508,
doctors are trying to find out the basal rate, but looks like if it is
diluted then it does not matter .1 or .05 steps, which is a major of
Animas over 508. I am trying to find out and closely monitoring the
activity at stanford NICU for my baby, today I am going to talk about
advantage of Animas over 508. I am bit confused here w/ Humalog to
Novolog, which one is good for an infant (especially a 3 weeks old
baby), do I need to discuss at all about these with our endo?
dad of Adya (Pumping since 3 days)>>

Dear Ahimanikya & little Adya,
I definitely think you would want to talk to the endo about this,
since Adya is so young.  Novolog as far as I know does not yet have
a diluent for it, so in a Mini-Med pump especially you would not be
able to give her the tiny doses she'll need without diluted Humalog.
We have friends whose 2 year old was using Humalog diluted 10:1 (U10)-
now that she's 4, she's moved up to 2:1 dilution (U50).  Even with
the Animas, you may need to give doses smaller than 0.05u increments
& may need the dilution.  I would also imagine that a baby would not
yet have sensitivity to Humalog but I'm not close to that.

My son Luke, 7 yrs. old, has been using Novolog since last October,
and we're very happy with its stability versus Humalog, but he was
having reddened sites & increasing blood sugar #'s across a 3 day site
life.  On Novolog he's stable for 3-4 days & his sites heal faster.
If Adya is not having any problems on Humalog, I sure wouldn't switch

You should definitely work closely with your diabetes team - I'm sure
you will be seeing them often, so make sure to ask them whatever you
need.  And if we can help on the IP list or on POP (parents of pumpers)
then let us know.

My best wishes for your family,
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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