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Re: [IP] Problems with Quickset

<<From: meg teg <email @ redacted>
The quickset cured that [sofset irritation] but I was 
experiencing numerous sore sites and bent cannulas. But 
for the last month I haven't had any problems. Zilch. 
My problems seem to come and go which makes it hard to 
figure out what is going on.  do others experience this? >>

Not sure how long you've been pumping or where you're
experiencing these site problems, but for reference,
my son Luke (7) uses QuickSets but has not been able to
use them on his abdomen for about 4 months.  Over the
course of pumping for the past year, he became so lean
that his abdomen is predominantly muscle, and his muscles
seem to bend the cannulas within about 24-48 hours depending
on his activity.  That took us about 2 months to correlate
that every time he had Phys. Ed. & a site in his belly, the
cannula got bent (since he was alternating between belly &
buttock sites).  We tried Sil's but those didn't last either -
I think that's lack of expertise on insertion (mine) more than

We're now using Luke's love handle & upper buttock areas 
exclusively and have had no problems for several months.  We
also have him disconnect for Phys. Ed. if he's going to do anything
that seems like it could pull or rub on a site (gymnastics &
when they practiced a G.I.-Joe kind of crawl across the gym mat
for example).  

So yes it can take a little while to figure out what's going
on.  Try to be consistent in what you're doing & look for
patterns over the past few weeks.  We still write down everything
(site location, type of set, unusual activity as well as carbs &
bg's & boluses & basals) but then I'm an engineer & it's kind of 
ingrained in me by now to do that.   It is frustrating when it
takes a month to figure something out but it can be done. 
And of course, YMMV - it's more like YMWV - your mileage will vary.

Good luck!  You'll figure it out soon.
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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