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> > From: "Ann Wall" <email @ redacted>Subject: Re: [IP] terrified of lows

while I'm not terrified of lows, I've had my share of them, pre-pump.
 Had one at the mall once, & didn't have a snack........my better half
marched me
to the front of the line at the deli & demanded OJ for me.....the clerk was
courteous & dropped everything to take care of me......I've passed out a
of times at work (construction) and woke up in the hospital......my
coworkers were
always well informed of my condition & knew what to do.

Now days I work alone as a carpenter, & rarely have lows BECAUSE: I am
alone, and more aware of what I'm doing, test more frequently, and eat &
count carbs & bolus accordingly.  No distractions to keep me from paying
 close attention to my condition, and I can work at MY schedule, not
someone elses.   Also try to keep BG at 150 when working to prevent
any surprises.......

Lows are scary, but you need to pay close attention to your BG's and work
to prevent lows........sounds easy, yeah, sure!!  You gotta sleep...not
per somewhat of a regular schedule can really screw my BG's up....test
before bed too!
How low is too low will vary among DMers, but others, including my Golden
know when I'm low......i've tested at 32 and been able to take care of
myself...but it was
scary for me once I realized how low I was........

Good luck & stick with it..........Don Klemm, DM since 1985,pumpin' since
July 2001
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