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Re: [IP] Re: blood donations

 I have had one of my worst lows while donating,(right
after,anyway)which is why I do not bolus/eat right
before doing it anymore.Purehaps very bad
coincedence,but not an experience I care to repeat.I
was both very low and dehydrated,(which made things
worse)but RC staff just thought dehydrated,in spite of
the fact I'd declared my diabetes on the form.Between
blacking in and out of consciousness,hyperventilating,
and shaking so hard half of the attempted ginger ale
they tried to get down me ended up all over me,3 cups
and one hour later I was recovering ,so I ate some
choc.chip cookies and finally tested at 171.After
remarking to a staff member that wasn't just
dehydration,he (who didn't know I had diabetes) said
yeah,proably my blood sugar was low.Bingo,I'm glad
someone had some brains.
Longest donation process I've ever been through,it
took another hour for me to be able to walk
away.Anyhow,that is why9on subsequent donations) I
make sure I'm slightly high before donating.

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