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[IP] Re: Problems with Quicksets/ Diabetes & pump burnout

I've started to have problems with rashes and irritation after 2 1/2 years of 
pumping.  I thought at first it was the IV300 tape but now it seems more like 
it is the wings of the Sof-set.  I have tried sandwiching and this seems to 
help.  I read some of the archives and got some good suggestions there.  I 
called MiniMed and they sent be samples of tapes, site preps etc.  I wanted 
to let my stomach heal before I tried using various tapes to see which ones I 
react to but I have had some itching without having any pump supplies 
touching it so maybe it is something else that the pump just aggrevates.

I decided to try the Quick-sets to see if they didn't irrate me but I have 
had trouble with them pulling out (which is why I generally don't use them).  
The tape sticks to me quite well but the plastic part in the center seems to 
get caught on things and pulled out.  One time was at work and I would have 
run home since I live close but we had an important meeting so I decided I 
would wait which was a bad decision as my BG was staying around 400 and I 
ended up with ketones and not feeling very well.  I ususally have backup 
insulin cartridges but they had expired.  Then I brought backup supplies to 
work and the second time it happened I was off-site for a product demo.  This 
time I had backup insulin so I was able to do shots and keep my BG reasonable 
but ended up having a low when I got home.  It also meant going to the 
restroom every hour to test.

I had had other problems with my site change that morning and my boyfriend 
said Don't you just want to throw it (the pump) out the window.  I said yes 
but it is my lifeline.  I'm pretty sure I could not go back to shots after 
being spoiled by the flexibility of the pump.  And after 28+ years of being 
diabetic I'm very tired of the hour-to-hour struggle to keep my BG level OK.  
The novelty has really worn off!  And sometimes I think I know all I really 
want to know about being diabetic - I don't want to take the time to learn 
anymore but I know I have to because my health depends on it.  I've been 
thinking too that I want a 'pump Mama' so I don't have to make all these 
constant decisions by myself.

I know I go through phases like this where I hate being diabetic and also 
know that it will probably pass soon but wish none of us had to go through 
these struggles.

Type 1 28 years, MM507C for 2 1/2 yrs with Novalog
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