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Re: [IP] terrified of lows

From: "jspock @shore.net" <email @ redacted>
> When I'm at work or at the mall is when I start to panic.  > I don't know
how mall employees would react to a bad low.
>  I am now afraid to go to sleep at night.  >
Hi.  You're right, lows are scary.  A couple of suggestions.  1) Since
you're nervous about sleeping, it might make sense to do some night time
basal testing.  You can't NOT sleep and, if your basals are right, you ought
to be able to go to sleep without fear.  I'm assuming you always test before
you go to bed. 2)  At work, I let all my colleagues (whether they supervise
me or I supervise them) know about my diabetes and what to do when my blood
sugar is low (in a nutshell: get juice.)  I have learned not to by shy about
it--when I'm in trouble, I need help.  3) In public places like malls,
grocery stores, etc., I've also shed my shyness.  I have trotted right up to
a cashier and said, "Please help, I have diabetes, I need some juice fast."
I've been given odd looks, but I've always gotten what I need.  I guess the
look of panic in my eyes gets action.  I often have glucose tabs with me but
I'm in such a state that I don't think clearly. 4) Always test before
driving.  I know people have talked about this recently but I knew a fellow
diabetic, on the pump, who was treated for hypoglycemia at the hospital,
left before the hospital wanted to release him, got in his car, drove
erratically, crashed into another car and was killed.  Fortunately, the
occupants of the other car were not hurt.  It was an incredible wake up call
for me.  He just wasn't thinking properly and that's the main problem, I
think, about blood sugar lows.  It's not just a problem for you; it can be a
problem for others.

About the question of how low is too low--it varies constantly for me.  I
can be totally out of it at 50 and can function just fine (or so I think) at
25.  Sometimes I catch it before it falls very far and sometimes I only know
because my husband sees it.  And, I'm not always very nice to him.  I can be
downright nasty to him.  Fortunately, I don't tend to take it out on my
fellow workers or those strangers I've accosted, but my poor husband.  I
suppose other partners have experienced the same????
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