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Re: [IP] terrified of lows

>The lowest I have ever been was 54 and that was the biggest panic >attack I 
>have ever had!!

This is interesting.  It made me stop and think about how I react when I 
know I have a low.  When I'm home or with someone (like a friend, famil 
member or with Jim) I'm fine.  I'm generally calmer than they are, because I 
trust that they will help me if an when I need it.  I treat the low and go 
about my business.

When I'm at work or at the mall is when I start to panic.  I don't know for 
sure what would happen if I ever had a bad time at work.  If I'm at the mall 
(even though I'm generally with someone), its stil lscary for me sometimes.  
I don't know how mall employees would react to a bad low.

Since I had that little seizure problem a week ago, I am now afraid to go to 
sleep at night.  I find myself watching some really stupid stuff on tv to 
prevent myself from falling asleep and "losing control".

Of course, if I'm low, or if I think I'm low, and I panic, it only makes the 
situation worse.

Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with that type of anxiety?

email @ redacted

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