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RE: [IP] terrified of lows

I was 32 and 33 before I became anorexic...I have always had issues with food,
even now(I am 35)...I was out of control for about 3 yrs (10-13+ A1Cs).  I
couldn't deal with the weight gain I knew would happen when I got my D under
control, so I didn't bother.  I had a "midlife" crisis,and decided I would
rather be a little overweight(I am 155 and want to be 125)(I used to weigh 90
at my worst)than dead before age 40. I had a close call with
lactic/ketoacidosis and NLD as a couple of wakeup calls before deciding to get
it together.

As for the lows, I have been so low that my meter wouldn't read it(less than
20) without passing out.  I had regular lows(every single day) of 30 and less
on MDI, and some left me exhausted, others didn't...I have always wondered how
low I could go before passing out. I think it is a YMMV type of thing.

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