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Re: [IP] terrified of lows

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 3/16/02 9:26:20 PM, email @ redacted
> writes:
> << I'm just trying to deal with my nerves and
> anxiety.
> Thanks guys!!
> I love this group!!
> Lauren >>
> The lowest I have ever been was 54 and that was the
> biggest panic attack I 
> have ever had!! after that it took about 2 week's to
Wow! I'm 54 at least every once a week. no sweat at 54
literally. now 40's start bothering me and i have been
in the 20's and still able to test and eat. I've
yet(knock on wood) to go down and it does seem more
unlikely on the pump.  the lows just aren't as steep.YMMV

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