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[IP] switching from shots to pump and conversion of dosage

I'm scheduled to switch to the pump this Friday.  When I was at my
endo's office this week, we discussed my basal rate and what we would
originally set it at.  He suggested a constant rate.  I'm not sure about
this as I take 24.5u of NPH in the morning and 16u at night.  My total
dose is currently running at 45 units/day.  It would seem to me that I
would need to start with a higher rate in the morning and lower it at
night, but I know things are very different with the pump and dosing.

I was wondering if anyone remembered what their dosage was before they
switched over to the pump.  Also, did anyone take different doses of NPH
(or similar long-acting insulin) at breakfast and dinner?  Did you start
on a constant basal rate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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