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[IP] Hot Flashes & Birth control pills

My daughter is the pumper, but I am the one with the hot flashes.  But I am
sure that my hot flashes do raise her blood sugars sometimes.  She gave me a
little card which said 'Next Mood Swing 5 Minutes' . Good thing I have a sense
of humour or I would have kicked her <g>

The reason I am responding to this particular posting is that I was talking to
a doctor who said a recent study out of the US (I am CDN) shows that the birth
control pill, rather than HRT, can be very successful in preventing the
symptoms for pre-menopausal (sp?) women.  We still have lots of hormones, but
they like to swing up and down.  Using the birth control pill has been
beneficial as it evens out the highs and lows.  Sort of like pumping and
A1c's.  So, although I have no experience in HRT, or using the birth control
pill, I thought I would pass along this information.  I know it is something I
will be looking at after my next hormone test.


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