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Re: [IP] terrified of lows

Lauren wrote:
"I just started the pump a month and a 1/2 ago. I was diagnosed 3 years ago,
and up until recently, I've kept my sugars high 1. out of fear of going low
2. out of fear of gaining weight (i've been anorexic for 10 years, since I
was 17).
Now that I'm under better control, and on the pump, I've had a lot more
lows, and I am really concerned how low I will go before I will pass out."

Have you discussed the lows with your pump team?  Maybe your basals need
adjusting.  If you still have problems with anorexia, then it would seem
that your basals really need to be fine-tuned since psychologically it could
be difficult for your to do what needs to be done when you are going low.
Please believe that having too many lows can cause major problems, and
please do something so they don't happen so often.  It's not so much how low
someone else may have been before passing out, but what happens to you.
Even how low someone could get before passing out can vary with that person
so the safest route it to minimize lows.
You are an important human being so take care of yourself.
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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