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[IP] Hot flashes

A few years ago my GYN gave me the hormone Premarin to take.  I really
didn't think I needed hormones but I went ahead and took it for a while.
When the refills finally ran out, I decided to stop taking it and see how I
felt.  BIG MISTAKE!!  I started having hot flashes during the night.  I
would wake up multiple times a night from them.  I'd be sweating and then
I'd cool down and fall back asleep.  My BG's were all over the place and I
would wake up high every time.  I have a strong dawn phenomenon in the
morning AFTER I get up.  I think my body thought I was waking up every time
I had a hot flash.  Then I'd go back to sleep, wake up again, and continue
the cycle till morning.  After a week of hot flashes, I got my medicine
refilled and haven't had a problem since.

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