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[IP] terrified of lows

"Now that I'm under better control, and on the pump, I've had a lot more

Somehow better control and a lot more lows don't seem to go together.  One
of our main objectives is to keep our bg within a normal range and NOT
experience a lot of lows.  That said, I've never passed out, exactly.  With
my bg in the low 30's I've been completely incoherent, and non functioning,
but still conscious.  I suppose unconciousness would have been the next step
had someone not hit me with the glucogon pen.

As a pumper you must become a lifelong student of your own body and how
different things affect your diabetes.  As your understanding grows, your
fear will be replaced with confidence in your ability to regulate your blood
glucose with the tools you have at your disposal; a pump and a monitor.
There are lots of resouces available to speed up that process (literature
available from MM, this forum, etc.), but at best they can just give you
ideas and some approaches that *might* work for you.  In the end, it will be
your diligent monitoring, good recordkeeping, and careful evaluation of your
data that will show you how best to regulate your bg.  As my diagnosing
physician (God rest his soul) told me, "You will become the top expert in
managing your diabetes."

DKA is not a weigh loss program...

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