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Re: [IP] Hot flashes=sweats IMO

IMO, the hot flashes, heat surges, are from the elevated Bgs, not enough
My menopausal "hot flashes" started in my toes & worked their way up.
There was a difference, internist noted this.  Had years of "hot flashes",
not from heart, definately was post-menopausal, C-peptide proved I was
insulin insufficient, GAD test negative, no antibodies. I am a Type 2
insulin user.  The tests were done at my insistence.
Elevated Bgs dropping fast will give almost same feeling. (I find not as
The more insulin I use, the better I feel--If I didn't, I would not do so
many shots in a day!!!
Learned alot on this & other list.  Linda K  Offically Dxed 7/1998
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