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Re: [IP] Hot flashes

on 3/16/02 2:31 PM, jhughey at email @ redacted wrote:

> email @ redacted wrote:
>> Any anyone (woman) experienced unexplained bg rises as a result of
>> having hot flashes?
>> Man, how would you ever figure this one out?
> Any ideas any one?  At least with a cycle you have some idea what to do.
> Many of us DMers have a list of *-ologists.* Have you talked to your
> gynocologist about this? They do have answers to many of the problems
> females have and helping to allay the hot flashes is in their category of
> care, even for DMers. I've been on HRT since 11/79 due to complete
> hysterectomy.  Sure a lot more comfortable living without those nasty hot
> flashes. YMMV (~_^)

I saw my GYN last July and it was pretty much decided since HRT doesn't
protect against heart disease (like they thought it did for years) I
probably would not be a candidate.  Even thought I'm on the little roller
coaster maybe if my A1C stays good (I was 6.6 last month) I may be okay.
This month does seem to be a little worse BG wise.
Thanks for your input.
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