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Re: [IP] Hot flashes

email @ redacted wrote:

> Any anyone (woman) experienced unexplained bg rises as a result of
> having hot flashes?
> Man, how would you ever figure this one out?
Any ideas any one?  At least with a cycle you have some idea what to do.

Type 1 44 years, MM 508 since May 2000. >>

Many of us DMers have a list of *-ologists.* Have you talked to your
gynocologist about this? They do have answers to many of the problems
females have and helping to allay the hot flashes is in their category of
care, even for DMers. I've been on HRT since 11/79 due to complete
hysterectomy.  Sure a lot more comfortable living without those nasty hot
flashes. YMMV (~_^)

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