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[IP] lQuestion: re site change

Are you using a brand new needle each time to withdraw the insulin from the
tubing as well as another new one when you insert it into the bottle and
another when you withdraw it from the bottle?

Just for starters consider the following:  I've recently been having lots of
problems with my control.  The insulin just hasn't been working.  It turns out
that the Humalog may be having some kind of chemical nteraction with the
chemicals in the tubing thereby causing the Humalog to be less effective in my
case.  The mere possibility that the Humalog may have interacted has caused a
contamination and downgrading of the medication.

You have saved $.40 each time you remove the insulin from the tubing  (10
units at $40 for 1000cc  I hope you don't experience a degradation in your
medication; it's no fun being there.  In 51 years of having diabetes and 2.5
years of pumping, I have never had an infection at an injection site or a set
site.  I don't recomment risk at this level without the potential for maximal
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