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Re: [IP] (no subject)/gastroparesis

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution has an extensive chapter on gastroparesis.  It is treated with medications (used to be Propulsid, but that is now off the market)such as Reglan.  Bernstein also recommends HCL pepsin (not in his book) and papaya enzyme.  Also, there are certain exercises to use after a meal to "jump-start" digestion.  Also, eating smaller meals more frequently helps.  Also, limiting protein and fiber in each meal will aid digestion.  If you are pumping, you can use square wave (extended) boluses to help cover the slow digestion.  In addition, you may need to use Regular insulin as it's peak matches delayed digestion better than that of Humalog or Novolog.

IMHO, not an M.D.

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