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Re: [IP] Problems with Quickset

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From: <email @ redacted>
<Hi, I am currently using the Minimed Quickset infusion set, and I am
experiencing problems with it.  I am thinking of switching to the Minimed
Sillhoutte (spelling) set, and
hoping that it works better. The only concern that I have with the
Sillhoutte is that the canulas (spelling) and the needle are much longer
than the other sets.>

What length cannula are you using in your Quick-set?  If you're using 6mm,
you might want to try going to the slightly longer one, 9mm.

I recently switched from the Silhouette because I had such a terrible time
with the cannula crimping almost every time I inserted.  I am much happier
with the Quick-set.  (Quick-set is not the same as Sof-set, which someone
else referred to.  I didn't have much success with the Sof-set either.)
Good luck with whatever you use!
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