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[IP] Re: Re: "Curves for Women" Exercise

In a message dated 3/16/02 12:14:03 PM, "Michael" 
<email @ redacted> writes:

<< If you find that exercise usually lowers your bg's during exercise, 
half a power bar or candy bar will usually do the trick. Adjust the 
carb intake to match the expected drop >>

Just a warning here for those of you with a tendency towards gastroparesis -- 
simple sugars might work better (YMMV).  My worst experience with this was a 
few years ago when I was doing some very strenuous outside work, and decided 
to keep my blood sugar up by coming in every hour, testing, and eating a girl 
scout cookie. Well, the carbs should have about matched up, but the fat kept 
me from digesting them while exercising (sort of reminds me of not being able 
to walk and chew gum at the same time <gr.>).  I ended up seriously nauseated 
with a hard, distended, and very painful upper abdomen, and a plummeting 
blood sugar that did not respond to glucose tabs or ginger ale.  When my 
blood sugar began rising again after having the pump suspended for a while, I 
finally vomited and began feeling a little better, but spent the night 
reacting to highs, probably caused both by the time I was suspended and the 
rest of the cookies that were finally being digested.  I now only use simple 
sugars for this purpose, preferably sucked, if I haven't been able to 
anticipate the activity long enough ahead of time to reduce my basal.

Linda Z  
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