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Re: [IP] Re: PP highs

In a message dated 3/16/2002 8:12:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> CHOICES (Both lead to the same thing but one prevents extra pounds. Also,
> the more consistent you are with what you eat, the easier this is to
> do--ie., you "learn" what works---you "know" your body.):

Choice number 3.

Study the glycemic index of the food you are eating.  Try to choose low and 
moderate glycemic index foods and if you are having a high glycemic item, eat 
it last or later in the meal.  Lower glycemic items turn to glucose more 
slowly and give a more even post prandial.  They give the bolus a chance to 
get working.

The timing of the bolus is also site dependent.  In the abdomen you will get 
a quicker response time than any other site.  The more precisely the bolus is 
timed to the appearance of the food glucose, the better the post prandials. 

My son is a new pumper.  With injections, an arm shot would actually lower 
b.g. (lower post prandial than pre meal) before b.g. would rise; the arm site 
simply had insulin working faster than food.

With the pump site in the butt/hip, the insulin works really slowly.  We are 
still experimenting with the 15 minute before meal bolus and may even push 
the timing back some more.

Next week, my son will hook up to a CGMS, so we can gather the very data we 
need to collect post prandial b.g. and numerous other issues, like the basal 
data that may "tilt" the meal doses.

Currently, post prandials rise 30-50 points at 1 hour....that is fine and as 
good as control as we can hope for.  

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