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[IP] Re: PP highs

> My  PP readings are always 170 -200.  My A1C is between 6.8 - 7.1.
> I drove myself crazy trying to get those PP readings closer to normal, and I
> finally gave up after
> many lows.

Just some thoughts, beyond what's in Walsh.  Our local MM rep., talking with
a group of pump users, commented that in all of the Continuous Glucose
Monitoring studies he had been doing with doctors and patients the most
obvious event showing up was that people were not bolusing enough for their
food--their PPs were much too high (Dr. Joe says over 120--I think the Walsh
book mentions 180.) Does that sound familiar?

In order to reduce (prevent) repeated PP "highs" (ie., 170 - 200, otherwise
known as "spiking"), IMO--very humble, finding out exactly how much you need
to eat to bring your BG "up" a little later is easier on your system than
constantly spiking. The bolus is specifically intended to prevent that PP
from being so high.  Lots of IMOs here, but there are choices:   (First,
however, is it possible that the basal level after the PP is really too
high, helping to cause those later lows?)

CHOICES (Both lead to the same thing but one prevents extra pounds. Also,
the more consistent you are with what you eat, the easier this is to
do--ie., you "learn" what works---you "know" your body.):
    (1) Bolus still more to really cover what you are eating and do plenty
of testing to see just how low you're going and when it's happening. Then
eat before you really go low (gaining weight over time).

      (2) "Under eat" (for that same bolus), with all the same testing as in
Choice (1), and adjust by eating just a small amount later (it's called
controlled nibbling in my book) if necessary to return or keep you in your
normal BG range. You'll be preventing the real "low" and also not

Those are really the very same choices..... almost.

A narrower BG range automatically reduces the HbA1c over time and, as has
been mentioned many times before in IPs, your body can get used to a lower
BG range and what used to be a "low" really isn't low at all. YMMV, yes,

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