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[IP] Re: Cold fingers

> Cold hands, warm heart, stinky feet and no sweetheart. <3
> <<Oh - YMMV!! (~_^)

Jan, I never knew the rest of this!!  Hmm, even at age 7 Claire sometimes
has stinky feet, but she has been popular with the boys since pre-school.  I
did ask the Podiatrist who was a part of one of the many diabetes teams we
have dealt with, and she said it had nothing to do with DM. Barbara >>>

We know a man who was blinded (eyeballs destroyed) in a wreck. His nurse who
trained him in caring for himself by finding the correct socks, etc. etc.
had to hold his hands for the *lessons*. He said, "Cold hands." She replied,
"Warm heart."  Later he asked her out and the did get married. She told the
story and said she didn't know how he knew she was available. I told her she
told him - and did the poem. She, too, had never heard the rest of it. I've
known that one since Hector was a pup. Has nothing to do with DM - just a
little ditty amongst many. ;)

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