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[IP] donating blood

I did that here where I live and they told me I could donate blood BUT the
blood would not be used and tossed out!
They told me that they have alot of diabetic's that do this and they said
some with H.I.V even can donate it's just all tossed out
I guess that they do not want anyone to fell left out?
not true, why would they let you give it if they were going to toss it out.
true, unusable units because of a +  hepatitis screen are not used but they
are used to make bacteriological plates, blood agar platres.
from it. falling left out is not a reason. diabetes is not a
contraindication to using blood. for transfusion. If you have a pump they
will not let you be an  apheresis donor. The transfusion sets, bags and
technician time are not insignificant spot
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