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[IP] donating ( proceduires)

<< I donated blood a couple of weeks ago. Was asked a ton of questions about
where I had lived, with whom I had had sex and with whom that person had had
sex, illegal drug use, type of insulin, travel, medical treatments and
medications,and a bunch of other stuff that boggled my mind -- such as "Are
you giving blood to obtain HIV test results?"!!!!!

After all those questions, the interviewer manipulated a form so that two
rose above the surface. He told me that the one on the left signified that I
did not want my blood to be retained and the one on the right signified that
did want my blood to be used. He told me to select one, place it on the form
which I had just signed -- the one with all the questions. Then he turned
back, and I selected one of the tabs and placed it on the form.

This is the first time I've given blood in years and years. I was more than
little flabbergasted at the extensive questioning and totally flummoxed at
"Use/Toss" tab process.

We're definitely not in Kansas anymore!! >>

an attempt to provide you with a nice private way to tell them I know I am
infected with blood born pathogens and do not want you to use my blood, i
also don't want you to know anything about me at a personal level.  this has
been in place as a procedure for at least the last 4 years. It is very
effective. Its a way of saying, all the stuff I told you about me is bull
twinkies but Don't think ill of me. spot
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