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Re: [IP] Re: "Curves for Women" Exercise

> Today, I joined Curves for Women.  Does anyone go to the program,
> and how do you handle the insulin?  I use Novolog insulin in a
> Disetronic pump, basal rate .3/hour.  Thought of stopping the pump a
> couple of hours before, but I live 15-20 minutes away, and what if
> there were an accident and the pump wasn't operating.  Do you start
> with an elevated sugar?  How much has the 30 minutes of exercise
> decreased the blood sugar?  Any suggestions will help.

If you find that exercise usually lowers your bg's during exercise, 
half a power bar or candy bar will usually do the trick. Adjust the 
carb intake to match the expected drop. My daughter used to do this 
for swim practice.  You can get the carbs down easier if you much 
some cheezits or something like that where you can keep better track 
of the carbs initially -- then switch to the longer acting bars when 
you have the carb amount nailed.
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