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Re: [IP] Blood Donations

Doug <email @ redacted> wrote:

> That's what I'm talking about if you are hiv you can still donate blood,,
> they told me diabetic blood is tossed just like hiv blood!!

Not true.  Plus any HIV positive person who tries to give blood can be
prosecuted (it's a felony) either under state law or by federal law if no
state law covers the situation.

> If you choose the (use tab )they screen it and then toss it out(if it is
> h.i.v or diabetic)
> Thats just what they told me , I wanna donate but they will not use it and
> I'm NOT H.I.V. just diabetic

All blood is screened for HIV I and II, HTLV (human t-lymphotropic virus),
hepatitis B, and a slew of other pathogens.  Anyone who tests positive for
any of these will normally be notified.  In any case, their record will show
it and they will be deferred until further tests can confirm or deny the
presence of the antigen.  In addition, most units are separated into several
components and used that way.  Only rarely is whole blood kept and used as

But being diabetic by itself will NOT cause your blood to be rejected.  In
fact, they love to see me come in because I am CMV (cytomegalovirus) free
(fairly rare - most adults are CMV carriers), which means my blood (and
components) may be used for infants.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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