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RE: Re: [IP] Blood Donations

At 03:06 PM 3/15/02 email @ redacted wrote:
 >I also have heard that the Red Cross screens and tests all blood donated,
 >and what does not meet the standard is discarded.

That is much different than knowingly taking contaminated blood and then 
just discarding it. Any blood center that knowingly takes blood from a 
person infected with HIV is taking a real chance of contaminating the whole 
blood supply.


 >"Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted> wrote:

 >>That is one of the dumbest and most dangerous things I've heard about blood
 >>donation. I hope either they are pulling your leg or you are pulling our
 >>legs. You should probably report the details of the incident to the state or
 >>regional health authority.
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