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Re: [IP] Blood Donations

> In a message dated 3/14/02 10:40:00 PM, email @ redacted writes:
> << Your center may have different guidelines but talk to the Medical
> if you encounter any problems.
> George      :>) >>
> I did that here where I live and they told me I could donate blood BUT the
> blood would not be used and tossed out!
> They told me that they have alot of diabetic's that do this and they said
> some with H.I.V even can donate it's just all tossed out
> I guess that they do not want anyone to fell left out?
> doug:(

That is one of the dumbest and most dangerous things I've heard about blood
donation. I hope either they are pulling your leg or you are pulling our
legs. You should probably report the details of the incident to the state or
regional health authority.

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