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Re: [IP] Blood Donations and Organs

> But as long as the organs themselves are healthy, there's no reason
> why not
> They willnot let a diabetic donate a kidney - I know this 1st hand
> because I am in need of a kidney transplant and my mom is the only
> one in my family who would have been able to give me one of hers,
> but since she is also a diabetic. that took her off the donor status
> quicker than I could ask why - so they may want some of our organs,
> but others, they do not.

I suspect that they won't let a "live" diabetic donate a kidney. When 
we are young we have a vast surplus of kidney function. As we get 
older, kidney function decreases to the point that if you live into 
your 90's - 100's you may find that there is not enough kidney 
function left. For a person with diabetes, this deterioration is 
known to be more pronounced. Your mom may not be able to get along on 
just one kidney at this point. -- that would represent a 50% decrease 
in existing kidney function. Her kidney might also not be 
"up-to-snuff" because of her diabetes and would not represent a 
particulary good donation to a receipient already in trouble.

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