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[IP] caffeine

 caffeine might be a drug depending on how it's used. To be a 
drug it has to be administered with the intent causing, stopping, or
otherwise altering a physiological process.

This is true of coffee,IMO. 	  
We drink it to awaken us more quickly and smoothly.  We drink it for a
boost, to help make us more alert during low spell day or night. It is a
conversation piece, a buffer when 2 or more folks conversing.  Thus, it
alters us, usually in a beneficial way.  
Coffee is addictive, withdrawal symptons when coffee drinking stopped. 
Each person has their own psychological way of looking at subject of
Coffee flavor is a treat, my favorite. 
The bonus is no calories in black coffee.  I do not believe that raises
Bgs in itself, in AM, it is dawn phenonomen. Linda
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