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RE: [IP] timing of bolus and after meal readings.

>>According to Optimal Pumping, a MM publication, you should shoot for a 2hr
PP bg 50 mg/dl higher than when you ate and did your bolus, and a bg within
30 mg/dl of the pre-meal bg within 4hr of eating.  The acceptable range is
between 40 mg/dl and 80 mg/dl above your starting point at 2hrs, between 30
mg/dl below your starting point and 30 mg/dl above your starting point 4
hours after eating.<<

Keep in mind that this also expects that you are eating a balanced meal.  I
often eat high carb, low protein, low fat meals for breakfast and sometimes
lunch.   Because carbs hit the system faster then protein and fat, I find
that my bgs are usually 80-120 higher 2pp, 40-80 3pp, and -30 to 30 4pp as
expected.  I usually bolus right after eating due to my hectic work
schedule.  When I am not bolus/basal testing, it is not unusual for me to
take 2-3hrs to get all of my lunch eaten.  So I normally bolus after eating
each 'piece' of my meal.  Where if I bring a sandwich, pretzels, and an
apple there would be 3 'pieces' to bolus for.  Another factor is how fast
humalog works for you.  We all know that we don't all fit the paper
statistics.  For me humalog starts to peak between the 2nd and 3rd hour
after taking it, so a 2hr pp is usually going to be high, even if I bolused
before a meal. If I were to aim for +50mg/dl at 2hrs pp I would be in the
30s by 3hr pp.  YMMV.

- Sherry
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