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RE: [IP] timing of bolus and after meal readings.

According to Optimal Pumping, a MM publication, you should shoot for a 2hr
PP bg 50 mg/dl higher than when you ate and did your bolus, and a bg within
30 mg/dl of the pre-meal bg within 4hr of eating.  The acceptable range is
between 40 mg/dl and 80 mg/dl above your starting point at 2hrs, between 30
mg/dl below your starting point and 30 mg/dl above your starting point 4
hours after eating.

If you follow the guidelines in the MM publication, and start with a bg of
100, a 2hr PP bg of 180 is fine, as long as it returns to within 30 of the
starting point at 4 hours.

I believe, and this document support this, that if you bolus so much that
your 2 hr PP is "normal", you're almost guaranteed a low at 4 hrs.

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