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[IP] Re: Bubbles

Hate those bubbles! I dealt with this for a while as a new pumper and now 
seem like those pesky bubbles are no longer a problem. Try:

1. not having the insulin cold/refrigerated. I leave my current bottle of 
insulin out of the fridge in the little bag of pump stuff...no problems to 
2. don't shake the bottle or disturb it
3. when withdrawing insulin, only inject the exact amount of air you need 
into the vial, inject it into the airspace with the bottle right side up, not 
upside down into the insulin, and withdraw the insulin very very slowly
4. once your reservoir is full of insulin and the needle is still in the 
vial, thump the reservoir thoroughly to eliminate hidden, flat layers of air 
at the bottom near the plunger, and get every last little bubble 
out...patience is worth it at this stage
5. hand-prime the tubing generously, and pump-prime generously as well; 
examine the tubing closely for bubbles. While the pump is priming, stand it 
on its end.
6. keep the tubing, pump and needle/set area all on one level, even when you 
go to insert the set. Don't hold the tubing up in the air to examine it!

good luck!!!
Laura G.
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